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Shot with my DJI Phantom 4 in 1080/24p. This was a christening of a new tugboat for Harley Marine in Seattle. 

Celebrating the careers and accomplishments of three employees of Haselwood Auto Group in Bremerton, WA. Shot with Sony F55, Canon 17-120mm CN-E zoom and Canon CN-E prime lenses. MoVI and slider camera was the Sony A7s. Slider was the Red Rock Micro One Man Crew.

This was a Firestone ad shot for Duck Dynasty. I shot this spot on my Canon c300 with prime lenses.

A 3 camera interview with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Today anchor, Matt Lauer. I shot this with two XDCAMs and my F55 as the 3rd cam on a Dana Dolly.

A feature for Hock Films and MLS Insider. Shot with my Sony F55 and Canon 17-120mm cinema zoom.

This CBS Sunday Morning feature was shot with C300, XDCAM, and HDX900. The main interview with Sarah was C300 with a 135mm Canon CN-E prime.

Shot with two Canon c300s and my Canon CN-E Prime set. Lighting was a daylight mix between HMI and Kino Flo Divas.

Shot with my Canon C300 and 70-200mm lens. The slo-mo was shot in camera at an undercranked setting in 720p.

I was DP on this story, shot for ESPN's Longhorn Network. We profiled Brian Harsin, offensive coordinator for Texas, who grew up in Boise, ID. His father raised him with football and fast cars. Shot with my HDX900 at 720/24p with some help from my MicroDolly. 


Geoff Nelson

DP - Lighting Cameraman

A 3 camera interview with Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz. This was shot for LinkedIn's Influencer series.

MōVI Compilation from 2016-17. M5 with Sony A7sII

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